Snow Day 

My weather app suggested between 8-12 inches of snow in our area; I didn’t even have to wait until the morning to see it as it began to accumulate closer to 9PM. It was merely a dusting, coupled with sleet by about 3-4AM. The tires on Matilda (our ’93 Mitsubishi Eagle Summit) are bald/balding. Greg, not wanting to risk it, says to me, “So yeah, I’m not going in.” “I figured you weren’t,” I replied.

                             FF>>  11AM

He’s wearing his work shirt and pulling up his socks, saying, “I gotta go.”  🙃 “Like, right now?” I ask. “Yeah,” he replies. With one eye partially open, I look out of the window by my bed and see that the window’s screen is covered in ice,  but the parking lot full of snow and slush. I try to sit all the way up in order to coax my other eye completely open. Out of nowhere, an intense pain emerged from my ‘riblets’ (floating ribs) and I gasp as I try to stand up. We surmise that it is time to change the boxspring, as the one we have (which was a gift) is pretty much dead. After using the bathroom, I walk out into the living room…

 Apparently, while I was sleeping, my husband and children ‘changed’ the living room so that they could recreate, with old diaper boxes, their own Island of Sodor. We have a Tidmouth Sheds and even a Steamworks. I guess since I’m up, I have to make Brendam Docks and the Blue Mountain Quarry. While Miles is a great story teller, Lauryn likes to play along as long as she can secure her ‘spotlight’ moments, and Nathan just prefers to take individual engines and run away with them. 

As he pulls the double stroller from the shoe/coat closet, and began putting on his boots, I asked, “So, what changed between you’re not going in to right now?” To which, he replied, “It’s not as bad as originally predicted, but if I leave now, I can avoid the icy situation that is guaranteed after I get off. Oh yeah, they should be good and ready for their naps whenever you deem it necessary.” Nap time it is. 


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